TestimonialsHere are just some of the wonderful things that people have been saying about their work with Nicky:

“I was amazed by the accuracy and synchronicity of the reading. Nicky provided me with very practical guidance on how to best move forward with my life purpose. She has a very gentle, yet powerful way of helping you own your truth, authentically, and unapologetically. ”

– George


After my first session with Nicky, I texted a good friend of mine who recommended me to Nicky asking her if she had told Nicky lots of things about me. My friend said she hadn’t said a word, to which I replied, “I think she has actual magic powers then, she just KNEW stuff about me!”

That’s the thing about Nicky; she’s pretty special, and an amazing and intuitive woman.

I have been dealing with depression, anxiety and body image issues since being a teenager. (When I had my first journey therapy we uncovered the depression started at the age of 5) I had counseling through school and university but I never really reached the root of the issues. I figured “It’s just the way I am. I am this depressive, socially awkward, anxiety ridden being.” After my father died I reached an all time low. My good friend was a Journey therapist at the time and told me to try it out with her. She saved my life. The day before I had stood at Oxford Circus station trying to pluck up the courage to jump in front of a train.

My friend no longer practices journey therapy. She recommended Nicky and for the last couple of years I’ve been seeing Nicky. Each time we get deeper and deeper. Nicky doesn’t know this but she’s also saved my life a couple of times. I am so much stronger now. She’s totally changed my life. I’m actually living my dream, following my passions and HAPPY.

Even though I feel so much better and I realise now that I am none of the things I thought I was, I will still continue to see Nicky. I’m an actress so I’m always putting myself ‘out there’. Seeing Nicky keeps me on track, the journey helps me stay positive and fearless. As soon as you realise where all those fears are coming from you can deal with them and move on.

I’m so grateful to Nicky there is no way my life would be playing out the way it is without her. I can’t put into words how I feel after each journey with Nicky, all I can say is, she can change your life, because she changed mine. I can’t recommend her enough.

– Mandy

“I loved my angel reading with Nicky. It was very insightful and I have found what she said to be both inspirational and very helpful on a practical level.”
– Patti

“Nicky did an angel card reading for me online. It was spookily accurate. She pinpointed several things that were worrying me at the time, and gave me clarity on how to deal with them. At the end of our session I felt calm, at peace, and excited at the future, secure in the knowledge that I was being guided by stronger beings, and that everything would turn out to be okay. Shortly after this reading, I found the direction in my career I was looking for. I would highly recommend a reading with Nicky!
– Casey

“Weeks later I’m still surprised by the clarity and accuracy of the reading I had with Nicky. Simple advice rooted in powerful wisdom that hit it’s mark. Not only did I ‘get it’ (totally), I acted on it. The benefits have been tangible, thank you xx”
– Julie

“It has been a while since I have treated myself to a spiritual search and I can honestly say that spending time with Nicky and the angels was the best thing I have done in months! It gave me some clarity about my life choices and set me on a path of rediscovery that I am thoroughly enjoying. A wonderful experience!”
– Sammi

” I have many things to be thankful to my wife for and one of them has to be for introducing me to Nicky! I have done two Journey Processes and had one Angel Card Reading with her and the results have been nothing short of life changing! With the Journey work, I was able to release long held resentments and anger and find peace after so many years. And with the Angel Card Reading, I was able to find clarity and reassurance that I was indeed ‘on the right track’ after making a huge change in careers. I am so thankful to Nicky for her guidance and the sensitive and loving manner in which she delivers it. Nicky, thank you so much!”
– Indika

“I have experienced both journey work and angel card readings with Nicky and both have had a huge impact on my life. In journey work I was able, with her skilful and empathetic guidance to clear burdens from the past that were preventing me from moving ahead. Her angel cards reading was insightful and has helped to guide me by reaffirming what my heart knows. Nicky is a wonderful practitioner and I highly recommend her.”
– Jane

“I loved my reading with Nicky.  It was through facebook messaging and I felt like she was right in front of me.  I was amazed at how accurate the reading was in terms of things that were going on for me – Nicky said things to me that I was going to ask her about, before I said a word!  I found it really beneficial in confirming my direction in certain things.  It feels like such a treat to have a reading and I would recommend it to anyone – everyone!”
– Claire

“I found Nicky listed as a practitioner at The Journey website and somehow got a good vibe from her and decided to get in touch. My vibe was right! Nicky was warm, welcoming and made me feel safe. She gave me an angel reading before going through the process, which was great as it helped to calm me and get me in the right frame of mind. Nicky lead me safely through the process which brought up feelings, emotions and old hurts and it felt amazing to transform some of those hurts into love. I can highly recommend Nicky´s services.”
– Cathrine

“Just wanted to say what a great spiritual energy I thought you had. You made me feel completely relaxed and totally excited about what lies ahead. The fact that you knew I was carrying a special gift will never be forgotten! Thanks again absolutely loved chatting to you.”
– Karen Anne